Vindale research
  • Take Surveys

    Get paid to take surveys from big brands. You can choose the surveys you want. You can also aceept or reject the surveys which are offered to you.

  • Evaluate the product.

    Evaluate products and samples from big brands and provide your feedback on the product.

  • Get paid.

    Get paid online for the surveys. The amount you earn for each survey vary depending on the nature and the length of the survey.

How This Works?

Many big companies launch their products in the market every year and before they launch their products or services, they need feedback about the products or services from potential users. Hence these companies conduct online surveys among people who might be potential users of their service or products.

Once you join a survey company, you need to accept an offer for a survey or a free product trial and complete the surveys or try the product and give feedback to the company in case of a product. All the necessary training and instructions will be provided and once you complete the survey, you will be credited with the amount for that survey.